Lately, I have been obsessed with Blue Planet II, David Attenborough, and all things animal and BBC. Sir David Attenborough makes my world a better place. I’m sure if you watch a marathon of Blue Planet, Planet Earth, Life and all narrated by David Attenborough, your world will also become better and maybe even magical. […]

In 2018, most of the population in the world has access to the internet from either smartphones, or computers. And we can’t help but be constantly online. To begin with the number one fact that is making us dumber, let’s talk about how every single technology gadget is built in with massive overloads of ads […]

One of my two favorite places in Brazil, located in the best state for leisure travel – Bahia. Most people think of Brazil as a travel destination of either beaches or jungle, and very few realize that National Parks are as equally paradisiacal . “Chapada” means an area of steep cliffs, typically at the edge […]

LADERACH IS THE BEST CHOCOLATE IN THE WORLD. Bold statement, but it’s true. You take a bite and it’s like heaven. You feel bliss and joy and the explosion of flavor in your mouth is almost uncanny. I first found out about Laderach while I was in Seoul, South Korea, in 2012.  I went to […]

Photos from my Samsung Galaxy S7, untouched, uploaded from Dropbox.

Ever wonder what it’s like to travel First Class in one of the best airline companies in the world? So, in mid-2016, I had a flight from Los Angeles to São Paulo that I had reserved with my Skypass Mileage for 30K. I needed to change the dates on my return flight and was desperate […]

My latest crave has been almost all flavors and kinds of yogurt, especially the ones that come with toppings or fruit. It started with Noosa Yoghurt. OMG. Every time I put a spoonful in my mouth, I have the exact same reaction: SOOOOOO GOOD!!!!!!!!! Then I realized I should branch out and try other brands, […]