LADERACH IS THE BEST CHOCOLATE IN THE WORLD. Bold statement, but it’s true. You take a bite and it’s like heaven. You feel bliss and joy and the explosion of flavor in your mouth is almost uncanny. I first found out about Laderach while I was in Seoul, South Korea, in 2012.  I went to […]

Ever wonder what it’s like to travel First Class in one of the best airline companies in the world? So, in mid-2016, I had a flight from Los Angeles to São Paulo that I had reserved with my Skypass Mileage for 30K. I needed to change the dates on my return flight and was desperate […]

My latest crave has been almost all flavors and kinds of yogurt, especially the ones that come with toppings or fruit. It started with Noosa Yoghurt. OMG. Every time I put a spoonful in my mouth, I have the exact same reaction: SOOOOOO GOOD!!!!!!!!! Then I realized I should branch out and try other brands, […]